2018-2021      Université de Paris — Doctoral thesis in Cognitive Science

2016-2019      École Normale Supérieure, Paris — Masters for Research in Cognitive Science (CogMaster)

                                                                             iii— Diplôme de l'ENS

2012-2016      University of California, Los Angeles — Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience       

2012                Lycée Massillon, Paris — Baccalauréat Scientifique, spécialité Sciences de la vie et de la terre


Merholz, G., Grabot, L., VanRullen, R., & Dugué, L. (2022). Periodic attention operates faster during more complex visual search. Scientific Reports 12.6688.


Wong, S., Merholz, G., Maoz, U. (2021). Characterizing human random-sequence generation in competitive and non-competitive environments using Lempel-Ziv complexity. Scientific Reports 11.20662.

Laboratory Experience

2022-Present   Postdoc @ Icelandic Vision Lab, University of Iceland (HÍ)

Supervisors: Árni Kristjánsson & David Pascucci (EPFL)

Theme: Extraction of spatial statistics by the human visual system

2018-2021   PhD Student @ Integrative Neuroscience and Cognition Center, UPD

ED3C PhD Program Scholar, Université Sorbonne Paris Cité (USPC) — Supervisor: Laura Dugué

Thesis: Attentional cycles travel in space and in time: a computational and

neuroimaging approach

Project 1 – Computational model of traveling waves in the visual cortex applied

to MEG and behavioral data.

Project 2 – Oscillations modulate attentional search performance periodically:

preprocessing, computation and statistical analysis of EEG time-frequency decomposition.

2016-2018   Masters Intern @ Perceptual Systems Laboratory (LSP), ENS

ENS International Selection Scholar — Supervisors: Pascal Mamassian, Claire Sergent

•Designed, coded, tested and analyzed a novel experimental paradigm

•Research question: Can attention modulate visual sequential effects?

2018   Research Intern @ Laboratoire Psychologie de la Perception (LPP), UPD

Supervisor: Laura Dugué

•Analyzed EEG data for time-frequency decomposition

2016   Research Intern @ Consciousness in Decision-Making Laboratory, UCLA

Supervisor: Uri Maoz

•Designed, coded and tested a novel protocol

•Research question: Can people learn to behave randomly?

2015   Research Assistant @ Visual Cognitive Psychology Laboratory, UCLA

Supervisors: Zili Liu, Andrew Silva

•Performed experimental protocols and directed participants

Teaching & Scientific Communication

2022  Poster @ International Conference on Cognitive Neuroscience (ICON) 2022, Helsinki, Finland

           Pascucci D., Menétrey M. and Merholz G. Global brain dynamics under visual entrainment.

2021   Lecture series: Introduction to Cognitive Psychology (Univ. Paris 8 Saint-Denis undergrad)

2021-2022   Seminars @ KU Leuven - U Paris Cité - EPFL: Spatio-temporal dynamics of scalp-recorded attentional cycles

2020  Lecture series: Perception, Attention, Memory (Univ. Paris 8 Saint-Denis undergrad)

2020  Lecture series: Introduction to Genetics (Univ. Paris X Nanterre undergrad)

2019   Poster @ Vision Sciences Society (VSS), St. Pete Beach, FL, USA (PDF)

           Merholz G., VanRullen R. and Dugué L. Oscillations modulate attentional search performance periodically

2019   In-house conference organization & poster: INCC PhD & PostDoc Day

2019   Lecture series: Introduction to cognitive science (UPD Paris 5 undergrad)

2019   Poster @ ED3C Doctoral School Scientific Days (PDF)

2018   Trans-disciplinary scientific course (UPD undergrad): student posters evaluation

2018   Poster @ GDR Vision Conference, Paris, France (PDF

Graduate Examinations

2018   ED3C : Cerveau, Cognition, Comportement, UPD, obtained full PhD funding       


2018   Idex Université Sorbonne Paris-Cité, UPD, obtained full PhD funding         


2018   Frontières du Vivant Doctoral School, admitted to academic program    


2016   Sélection Internationale Sciences, ENS, obtained 3-year full scholarship 


2015   Graduate records examinations (GRE), 88th percentile

Leadership and Professional Experience

2019-Present   Co-Founder of ProTest Labs, Paris, France

•Accepted into France's #1 e-sports incubator Level 256

•Supervision of scientific research activities

•Administrative management

2018-2022      Transversal Skills Training, IDEX Doctorate Series, Paris, France

•Main skills trained: teamwork, communication, leadership

•Doctoral courses: open science, gender (in)equality, bibliography, LaTeX,

                                bioinformatics, bayesian statistics, human perception

2013-2016       Sales Professional @ ASUCLA Computer Store, Los Angeles, CA

•Served customers in person and over the telephone

•Managed scheduling of other employees

2012-2016       Recurring member @ UCLA Volunteer Center

•Participated in varying volunteer work, including community center 

beautification, school repainting, and outreach to high school GSAs

2015                 Founding member @ Neuroscience Journal Club at UCLA

•Presented and discussed newly published scientific articles

2014-2015        Vice-President of Gamma Rho Lambda National Sorority at UCLA

•Planned and supervised events; managed internal conflicts

2014                 Personal Assistant to the Director @ La Quincaillerie, Paris, France

•Directed and assisted operations in new store opening

•Reorganized product pricing system

2013                 Cashier & Busgirl @ ASUCLA Concessions, Los Angeles, CA

•Operated registers and served customers

Awards and Honors

2019    ENS Diploma with First-Class Honors (“Mention Très Bien”)

2018    Masters Diploma with First-Class Honors (“Mention Très Bien”)  

2013    Dean’s Honors List, UCLA

2012    Baccalauréat Scientifique with First-Class Honors (“Mention Très Bien”)        


2009   Brevet des Collèges with Second-Class Honors (“Mention Bien”)         

2004   First Place, Red Wheelbarrow English Writing Contest (I was 10 and wrote a pretty good 

                                                                                                        horror story, apparently)

Specialized Skills

Computer: Advanced level MatLab; intermediate level Python and bash; Mac, Ubuntu, Windows

Languages: bilingual French / English; conversant in Spanish and Serbo-Croatian; introductory Japanese

ENS Masters Coursework


Neuroscience:        iii Advanced Cognitive Neurosciences

                                    Cognitive Neurophysiology of Perception (Y. Boubenec)

                                    Functional Neuroimaging Methods (L. Dugué)

                                    Advanced Visual Perception (P. Mamassian)

                                    Action, Decision and Volition (E. Koechlin)

                                    Introduction to Computational Neuroscience

                                    Computational modeling laboratory

                                    Human Voluntary Action (P. Haggard)

                                    Neuroscience of Speech, Music and Mathematics (S. Dehaene)

                                    Neuroimaging of mental representations (S. Dehaene)

Psychology:            iii Advanced Psychological Functions

                                    Perception, Action and Attention (T. Collins)

                                    Cognitive Neurosciences in Consciousness (C. Sergent)

                                    Conceptual Modeling Workshop (V. Wyart)

                                    Social Cognition (C. Chevallier)

                                    Psychology of Reasoning (E. Sander)

Philosophy:             iii History and Philosophy of Science (S. Roux, M. Bitbol)

                                    Epistemology (P. Egré)

                                    Logic and Existence (L. Rouillé)

                                    Introduction to Logic (P. Egré)

                                    Introduction to Philosophy of Mind (P. Jacob)

Other:                     iii  Evolutionary Biology Applied to Human Cognition (N. Baumard)

                                    Introduction to Linguistics (B. Spector)
                                    Introduction to Neuropsychology (C. Jacquemot)

                                    Japanese for Beginners (S. Komatsu, E. Figon)

UCLA Undergraduate Coursework

Neuroscience:        iii Core Neuroscience Courses (Molecular, Integrative and Cognitive)

                                    Neuroanatomy of the Central Nervous System

                                    Current Debates in Consciousness (H. Lau)

                                    Neurobiology of Learning and Memory

                                    Psychobiology of Stress and Bodily Disease

                                    Sensation and Perception

Laboratories:              Behavioral Neuroscience Laboratory

                                    MatLab for Behavioral Scientists

                                    General & Organic Chemistry Laboratories I, II

                                    Physics for Life Science Majors Laboratories I, II, III