Garance Merholz-Revel

I am passionately interested in what makes us able to say "I am here right now," what makes the "me", and how thought works. I want to advance knowledge around these questions as much as I can. 

Life Events

1994  Born in Paris, France


2012  Moved to Los Angeles, USA for undergrad


2016  Moved back to Paris for masters 


2018  Began PhD in Paris


2020 Launched a French startup


2022 Starting a post-doc in Reykjavík

This is what I like to do in my free time:

Music, swim, watch good movies and TV shows, board games, hikes, Stardew Valley, travel, read, hang out with family, theater, museums, walks in the city, dance, and my eternal old-lady games: solitaire, minesweeper, crosswords

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